One of the ways SEU Bayside is able to cut costs for full time day students, is by providing an opportunity for free housing. Often times, residing in a host home during the school year is the deciding factor for a student being able to attend SEU Bayside or not.

If you have an extra room in your home, and would like to be a part of the kingdom impact that SEU Bayside students get to be a part of every day, apply to be a host home today!

1 room + 9 months = eternities changed

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A: No. The students of SEU Bayside are incredibly busy being full time students and developing leadership skills. They often leave early in the morning and come home early in the evening.
A: To provide a room, bathroom, washer & dryer, and food. As a Host Home, you do not have to prepare the food, it just has to be available to be made.
A: It is the student’s responsibility to maintain common living areas as well as their bedroom and bathroom. They are also responsible for communicating their weekly schedule and any times they will be away from their Host Home.