Choosing to be a Host Home for Bayside Leadership Students is a great way to serve at Bayside Community Church. The Host Home Program offers a unique and rewarding opportunity for you and your family to invest in the life of a great young man or woman of God.

Students come from several different states and occasionally from other countries. Many times students attending the program are far from anything that they would call “home”. Host homes are able to give them a “home away from home” where they feel safe, secure, and welcome.

“As Christ followers, one of our main goals is to try to bring, if only to one person, the word of God. Through the Bayside Leadership Program as a Host Home, my family and I made a minimal sacrifice and received more blessings then we could have ever imagined! We gave up one room in our home, and one year of our life. We poured into the heart of one young adult, who in turn was responsible for delivering the Word of God to 41,000 people in Columbia. One Room, One Year, 41,000 lives touched by the Word of God. Minimal sacrifice, Maximum Blessing.”

John Matson


A: No. The students of SEU Bayside are incredibly busy being full time students and developing leadership skills. They often leave early in the morning and come home early in the evening.
A: To provide a room, bathroom, washer & dryer, and food. As a Host Home, you do not have to prepare the food, it just has to be available to be made.
A: It is the student’s responsibility to maintain common living areas as well as their bedroom and bathroom. They are also responsible for communicating their weekly schedule and any times they will be away from their Host Home.