Love is ALL Around Us

“Happy” Valentines Day

Relationships, relationships, relationships. this week it has all been about relationships, new couples have been happening every second and to be honest, it is making my confidence go down by a lot. Not because of the relationships, but i am not in one yet and I have been praying for one since i was in High School, and yet nothing happened. I am not complaining, but I always wondered, “God, what’s taking so long?” or “when is it going to be my turn?”. Then God hits me with something that made me feel guilty, but loved by Him even more.

The Best Relationship EVER

God told me the reason I am not in a relationship with anybody is, because I am not focused on the spiritual relationship with Him. I said back “I am focused on you, I read my bible, I worship, I seek you before making any major decisions, etc. how I am not focused on you?”.

God said ” there is no way you are focused on me, because you are so busy trying to fix yourself on somebody and find the “perfect match” for yourself. You forget you are in the best relationship you could ever have or ever will have. You see, you are focused on other people’s relationship and wanting what they have. Well, who says if that I put you in a relationship and then you forget about me and decide that you don’t need or want me anymore and think that you found something better.”

After being hit with, I realized how greedy and blinded I was into craving a relationship with man. I forgot the most important relationship that brought me here today and that was God. From that point on, I have been putting my attention to God and  reminding myself that God knows best. He loves me and He wouldn’t put me in a situation that He knew I wasn’t ready for.

He’s in the Waiting 

So, for all my single ladies out there, be patient, wait, and trust in God on this single journey. Don’t’ be distracted by the relationships around you, but be focused on the relationship in front of you. You have His undivided attention and overflowing love. Don’t think of this as a “woe as me” journey, but a “wow, my heavenly Father wants a relationship with me” Why? Because He loves me.

“I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me.”
Songs of Songs 7:10

Shayla McNear Bellamy – Third Year

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